why Delay in delivery of iPhone 13 series ?

Delay in delivery of iPhone 13 series: Will have to wait for the new series of Apple, the company’s production stopped in China due to lack of power.

Apple recently launched the iPhone 13 series. There is bad news for those who want to buy the iPhone 13 series. They may have to wait up to 2 months for the delivery of the iPhone.

In fact, due to the high demand for iPhones, the supply of new iPhones is getting delayed. Also, the lack of electricity in China is affecting the production of Tesla including Apple.

iPhone 13 Pro will have to wait
4 weeks may have to.

This will be the third shipment of iPhones in the US. The deliveries of the iPhone 13 series will be 19 to 34 days in the second week as compared to 7 to 20 days in the first week. This waiting period is much longer than that of the iPhone 12 series.

Demand and product caused the problem of supply
partner Verizon, Vodafone UK Apple and Best Buy have pointed out the problem of customers on Twitter high demand and product supply. A user told on social media that he is being asked to deliver the iPhone 13 Pro Max by October 30, due to which he can cancel the order.

A lack of electricity supply
in China will also affect the supplier of Apple and Tesla products in China, saying they had to stop their production on Sunday because of the Chinese government’s strict power consumption rules. Apple supplier Unimicron Technology Corp said it has three subsidiaries in China. whose power supply has been stopped. Due to which production had to be stopped.

Production will be closed for 5 days The
company’s production will be closed from 26 to 30 September. Also, Ishaan Precision Engineering, an affiliate of Foxconn, will stop production for 4 days and Concraft Holding, which makes speakers for iPhone, for 5 days.

Analysts attributed the power cut to short supply of coal and stringent emission norms. Due to this, many areas of China are witnessing power shortage.

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