Which Pulse Oximeter To Buy | Planning To Buy One? Important Things You Need To Know In 2021

Blood oxygen monitors that are popularly known as Oximeter has become the commonly household need isn’t it?

There are many of us who didn’t know what is Oximeter before the COVID-19 so it must be hard to know Which Oximeter Is Best.

Since the corona virus pandemic has hit the world, Oximeter becomes the necessity of every house.

The corona virus enters inside our body through our respiratory system causing serious injury to the lungs of the infected person, which leads to the decrease in oxygen saturation in blood stream.

Which Pulse Oximeter To BuyWhich Pulse Oximeter To Buy

This oxygen impairment can occur in anyone even if the person is not suffering from a sort of symptoms.

This is where the Oximeter can help you to detect COVID-19 in the early stages.

What Is A Pluse Oximeter?

A Oximeter is a small device that is designed in such a way to measure the oxygen concentration in your blood and the heart rate as well with greater accuracy.

As these factors are essential for analysing our health so it makes it necessary to get Best Pulse Oximeter for us.

This device shows how much your lungs are efficient in extracting the oxygen from the air you breathe in.

Purpose And Uses Of An Oximeter?

The purpose of pulse Oximeter is to test how well your heart is delivering oxygen to your body.

It can be used to monitor the health of individuals with any condition that affects blood oxygen levels, especially when they are in hospital. These conditions are as follows:

Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)



Lung cancer


Heart attack or stroke

Congenital heart defects

Which Pulse Oximeter To BuyWhich Pulse Oximeter To Buy

There are several common uses for Pulse Oximeter, including :

To evaluate how well a new drug medication works in the lungs

To check if a person needs respiratory support

Check how effective the ventilator is

Monitor oxygen levels during or after surgical procedures that require sedation

To determine how effective supplemental oxygen therapy is, Especially before treatment

Assessing a person’s ability to tolerate increased physical activity

To test whether a person is temporarily stopping breathing during sleep – similar to sleep apnea cases – during sleep studies

How Does A Pulse Oximeter Work?

It can be easily understood by considering the Oximeter as a clip with inbuilt sensors and a analog display.

Inside the clip there are emitter and sensors on both the end. The work of emitter is to send out the light beam of specific wavelength that penetrate into your skin through nails, passes through our blood stream and are detected by the sensor on the other end.

The wavelength and frequency of beam of light reached to the sensor are converted into heartbeat and oxygen level concentration in your blood.

Which Pulse Oximeter To BuyWhich Pulse Oximeter To Buy

There are a various factors that you need to acknowledge to find Which Oximeter To Buy.

So do read further and find out Which Pulse Oximeter To Buy.

Things To Check While Buying A Pulse Oximeter

1- Types of Oximeter

There are three types of Oximeter:

a) Finger Tip Pulse Oximeter

b) Handheld Oximeter

c) Fetal Pulse Oximeter

You really need to determine the type you want according to your needs. If you are looking for a household purpose then I would suggest you to buy a Fingertip pulse Oximeter as it would be best option for you.

Which Pulse Oximeter To BuyWhich Pulse Oximeter To Buy

Whereas the other two types of Oximeter are primarily used in hospital and clinic and cost a slight higher either.

[Which Pulse Oximeter To Buy]

2- Features And Price

The fingertip pulse oximeter starts from a price of 1000 indian rupees and ranges in between 1000-5000 indian rupees.

There is no need to pay much higher as at the end it has to just measure the blood oxygen level and if you are getting accurate readings at a less price then you seal the deal.

Which Pulse Oximeter To BuyWhich Pulse Oximeter To Buy

I would suggest you to go for a decent Oximeter which will cost you about 2000 indian rupees.

Talking About the features of product you should look for one are that it should have a bright and clear display and it must be built with some good durable material, like some are resistant to water and aslo provide accurate results and readings.

[Which Pulse Oximeter To Buy]

3- Accuracy

You need to be careful about the accuracy before buying any medical equipment. As there is no technology to measure the accuracy at the time of purchasing but the best way to check is all the reviews and the certifications.

Getting an Oximeter that shows inaccurate readings could be very serious later on.

[Which Pulse Oximeter To Buy]

4- Certifications

Always make sure to check for the certificate of the product to check the quality of Oximeter.

There are some organisations that certify the quality and standard. Some of the reliable certificate are FDA, CE, FCC and RoHS.

[Which Pulse Oximeter To Buy]

Which Pulse Oximeter To BuyWhich Pulse Oximeter To Buy

5- Battery Life

Most pulse oximeters are powered by AAA or AA batteries, and it is good to consider the potential battery life of a device and how long it will last on a pair of batteries. Look for a product that provides about 20 hours of battery life, and consider getting a pulse oximeter that automatically turns off when the device is not in use.

[Which Pulse Oximeter To Buy]

6- Support Data Transfer

If you are planning to get a high price pulse oximeter, then another interesting feature to consider is support for transferring data to a computer using a USB port. This allows users to store all data on an external device, which can be shared with online medical professionals.

[Which Pulse Oximeter To Buy]

Which Pulse Oximeter To BuyWhich Pulse Oximeter To Buy

7- Splash Proof

Some of the oximeters are splash resistance ensures that the device does not stop working when exposed to sweat or water. Therefore, it is also important to get a pulse oximeter with a splash proof design.

[Which Pulse Oximeter To Buy]


All the points that are mentioned above were done after a lot of research in this field so you could totally rely on it and consider it during the time of purchasing.

Acknowledging Questions

How To Use Oximeter?

Pulse oximeters are mainly used in hospitals with admitted patients, as well as once tested. If you are going to use it at home, we have highlighted some tips for better reading.

Put the fingertip oximeter in the person’s finger or earlobe. There are no prickling, so there will be no inconvenience other than clipping.

Turn on the device and wait for few seconds until the first measurement of your pulse and the level of blood oxygen saturation in the blood stream is indicated.

After reading, you can remove the oximeter clip with your finger.

Another important thing to check for readings is that there should be a tracing on the monitoring device that looks like a film or a continuous wave, as the doctor orders. Check “The wave will vary with your breathing. This means that the device will actually pick up the correct signals. It’s very important. If the documentation is low, don’t misinterpret it.” If reading is low, but you find a hard line instead of a normal sine wave, you are not getting a good reading.

What Is BPM In Oximeter?

The BPM represents the beats per minute. A pulse oximeter helps you see how fast your heart is beating and the level of oxygen in your blood. The most accurate way to monitor your progress with COVID-19 is to measure blood oxygen levels, an optimal heart rate (ppm) is of 50 to 90 beats per minute.

What Is Pi In Oximeter?

The word pi stands for prefusion index. The perfusion index (PI) obtained from a pulse oximeter is calculated as the ratio of pulsatile blood flow to the non-pulsatile blood in peripheral tissue and can be measured without any invasively. PI can be used to estimate peripheral perfusion dynamics due to changes around the peripheral vascular tone.

Which Pulse Oximeter Is Best In India?

This question has been seen in highly  demand after the COVID-19 pandemic has hit the world but don’t worry after doing a detailed research, We have made a comprehensive list of some Best Oximeter which will give you the answer of  Which Oximeter Is Best In india?

5 Best Pulse Oximeter In India That You Can Buy In 2021

What Is A Normal Fingertip Pulse Oximeter Reading?

For a healthy person who does not have lungs problems, a reading between 96–100% indicates a normal oxygen level in the blood. The WHO reduced this to 1%, stating that anything between 95–100% was normal and anything below 94% should be evaluated by a medical professional. A Pulse oximeters readings are anything less than 90% are considered “emergency” by WHO, and they should be quickly operated.

If you think that you have COVID-19 and you are using the Fingertip Pulse Oximeter to measure the blood oxygen saturation level in your blood stream than keep the reports of all the readings so you can monitor if there is any changes.

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