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Which Mi Band Is Best ?

If you are in the market for a cheap Mi fitness band, then it is worth adding Xiaomi Mi Band 6 to your short list. If your question is about which mi band is best then you can simply buy mi band 6 in india during this pandemic time.

Mi band 6 may look ugly at first glance, but it has some amazing features you’d expect on a more expensive device (such as a stress monitor and pulse oximeter throughout the day), and mi display is unusually bright, clear, and responsive. When it comes to workouts we found that the GPS connection is frustrating, and the fitness band mi band 6 is not always comfortable, but for general use it is a great option than a fitbit that Offers more than we could expect.

which mi band is best
which mi band is best

Previous year the Mi Band 5 brought a larger OLED screen and magnetic charging – two major upgrades to the Mi Band 4. This year has seen a big boost from screen to edge and with full color OLED. Great update by mi band india.

Meanwhile, the Global epidemic made the Pulse Oximeter (SpO2) is a must, and the Mi Band 6 follows the latest trends by adding a blood oxygen level monitor.

which mi band is best
which mi band is best

The new Mi Band 6 is packed inside a long and thin paper box similar to the previous version. The bundle has a mi fitness band, a strap (black in our case) and a magnetic charger similar to the Mi Band 5.

Oddly, half the space inside the box was wasted on an incredibly thick manual. We have never seen anything like that, let’s say a book in a moment! Let’s check out xiaomi mi 6 specs.


The body of the Mi Band 6 is similar to the Mi Band 5 – it has the same small piece of plastic and glass at the top of the screen. The size and weight are the same – 47.4 x 18.6 x 12.7 mm and 12.8 grams (compared to 46.95 x 18.15 x 12.45 mm and 12 grams). This is great news for two reasons – the new features do not make the Mi Band bigger, and all the straps you buy for your Mi Band 5 are compatible with the Mi Band 6.

The Display has got a major update of 1.56″ AMOLED screen. It is an edge-to-edge panel with a round top and bottom with the same band shape.

which mi band is best
which mi band is best

There are no touch-sensitive keys because they are all in front of the screen. Full performance capability and you can swipe (in all directions), tap, or tap and hold to work with the band. We reach for this key which sometimes disappears when we want to go back to watch face, but within a week this habit is gone.

The glass screen is likely to scratch like the Mi Band 5, so if you expect something tough, it can disappoint you.

which mi band is best
which mi band is best

The sensors under Mi Band 6 have different configurations, but they are equally thin. The heart rate sensor is enhanced with the ability to monitor SpO2 (blood oxygen), and below that is why it is different. You can also find a pogo charging pin.

There are still indentations around the rubber bands, which accumulate dirt over time, and we recommend cleaning them regularly to prevent psoriasis or worse. Sure it is not right, but it is not a headache either. Hope it has helped you in your question of Which Mi Band Is Best.

Talking About Common Features

The Mi Band 6 works with the Mi Fit app and the core functionality remains the same – it can act as a heart rate measurement, sleep monitor, game monitor, display notification, camera shutter, and your default music with constant alarms Can control the player. It has a Timer and stopwatch functions either. PAI – Personal Activity Intelligence Mode and Stress Calculation are also included.

Like the Mi Band 5, the Mi Smart Band 6 can track female cycles. Breathing exercises are also available.

which mi band is best
which mi band is best

Now, this new xiaomi fitness band india has Spo2 and more game modes. It enhances sleep monitoring with SpO2 measurement and breathing quality options, although both of these significantly reduce battery life. If you enable HR quality, SpO2, and breathing quality while sleeping, you will have to recharge your band once every three days.

The Mi Band 6 interface is a familiar affair, but extends across a larger screen. You find a lot of watch faces in the store section within the Mi Fit app, but about half of the faces are suitable for Asian audiences and are unfamiliar, if not confusing, to Western users. However, there are enough options and the best thing is that you can always do it with yourself by choosing the layout you want and keeping a custom background.

The Mi Smart Band 6 has no buttons, so it only rely on swipe gestures for navigation. Swiping up or down on the watch face allows for status (steps, distance, calories), heart rate, spo2, announcement, workout, events, alarm, weather, music, world clock, settings and more (stopwatch, timer, device find , camera shutter).

which mi band is best
which mi band is best

Mi Smart Band 6 supports all types of notifications – email, incoming call (with option to reject), SMS, email, passive alert, target, and displaying third party notifications such as Telegram, WhatsApp, Facebook and Messenger, Skype, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Calendar, Pokemon Go, My Home App and many more.

The Mi Band 4 basically supports non-Latin icons like Cyrillic out of the box without modification. Now, Mi Band 6 supports a basic Emote icon. This means that it does not show all emotes, but it is very basic, and it depends on the application, but it is better than anything. Symbols that appear rather than emotions are less common and we would be happy to take it.

which mi band is best
which mi band is best

Health monitoring has been expanded. You can set a band to measure heart rate at intervals throughout the day and alert you if anything goes wrong. If it detects sports activity, it can increase the said interval.

In addition to regular sleep monitoring, sleep monitoring also aids, which increases HR measurements. You can also enable sleep quality monitoring, which not only catches your breath during sleep, but also has a big impact on battery life.

Continuous stress monitoring measure stress every 5 minutes, you have guessed correctly, which also reduces battery life significantly.

which mi band is best
which mi band is best

The Mi Band 6 is very good at doing these things – showing notifications throughout the day (of course with DND mode or night mode), and the heart rate and SpO2 sensors are very accurate – we tested it against regular oximeters 4 to 5 times and deviations were less than 5%

Mi band 6 comes up with a display of AMOLED type with supported touch features. Yes the watch is resistant to water up to a depth of 50 meters. It is a unisex product that means it is ideal for both men and women.If you want to live a friendly lifestyle than it is a best product for you. Talking about the connectivity features bluetooth of version v5.0 is suitable. It is Compatible for android devices. Hope it has helped you in your question of Which Mi Band Is Best.

Activity tracking function

Sleep monitoring is not so accurate, it just captures REM sleep properly, as far as we can tell. But light sleep is a small mixed bag – even if you have insomnia problems and still lie down, these parts are often called mild sleep. Even if you take a total of 2 hours of sleep in one night, you will find that the Mi Smart Band captures 6 to 7 hours. This is also an issue we had with previous MI bands, so not bad at first.

which mi band is best
which mi band is best

Now let’s talk about exercise. Mi Band 6 supports a total of 30 fitness modes including basketball, zumba, boxing, HIIT, Pilates, ice skating, street dance and badminton. Six modes are automatically recognized – walking, running, treadmill, cycling, elliptical, rowing machine. In fact, the band knew that when we were using the treadmill, and if we were out, they were working as promised. For the remaining 24 modes you will have to execute them manually. Workout tracking gives you accurate information of time, your steps, kilometers, calories, HR etc.

Finally, we would like to refer to PAI, stress and breath functions. PAI is a personal activity index that is calculated based on continuous HR measurements over 60 seconds. This is a feature that motivates you to do better, but we do not know if it is reliable due to its mechanism. Equal to Stress – It uses HR and accelerometer measurements to monitor your hand speed for 60 seconds. It looks good, but we found that its measurements are not accurate. Hope it has helped you in your question of Which Mi Band Is Best.

The watch has the alarm function, Automatic exercise detection, blood pressure monitor, calories burner, distance covered, DND mode, heart rate monitor, phone notifications, reminders, sleep tracking, Step counter, SpO2 monitor.

Which Mi Band Is Best


The Mi Band 6 has the same 125 mAh battery as the Mi Band 5. Xiaomi ensures the same battery life – around 2 weeks of normal usage.

During the first 15 days of our testing, we recharged the band twice, ie with the same functionality as the Mi Band 5, but with full manpower measurements (every 30 minutes) for a full week of battery life. This includes a ton of notifications on any working day – including Skype, email, IM, at least 50 hours of investigation and the use of a standard sleep monitoring function (no HR, no breath monitoring).

which mi band is best
which mi band is best

We tested that the heart rate had stopped completely and got 18 days of battery life of about 4-5 days below our average Mi Band 5 battery life. Looks right when looking at the big screen. Hope it has helped you in your question of Which Mi Band Is Best.


It has an AMOLED Display

It Comes With 14 days of battery life

It features 30 Sport Modes

Water Resistant Up to 5 ATM


Battery Size is however smaller

Which fitness band to buy?

You might have come to your decision now. If you have read this post till here.



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