Which Fitness Band Is Best | Everything To Keep In Mind While Buying A Fitness Band In 2021

Everything You Need To Know Before Getting Yourself A Fitness Wearable

An ongoing epidemic can shut down our gyms for several days, but it doesn’t mean that we cannot stay healthy and fit. Training at home can be effective, but it can be difficult without the help and encouragement of the trainer.

This is why so many people are turning to technology. The fitness tracker can remind you to be your next friend in the gym to work, keep track of your activities, whether it is a smart band or a smart watch. In short, being a good fitness supervisor can be the next best thing to be a personal trainer.

Which Fitness Band Is Best ??

Nowadays most of the people are into fitness that gives them a urge of need of fitness Wearable at some point of time.

It seems quite easy to get a one for yourself but trust me it’s so confusing for multiple reasons.

There are some Watches that appears to be a smartwatch but they are simple fitness band with just notifications thrown in it.

Which Fitness Band Is BestWhich Fitness Band Is Best

So you must not be sure to go for it. But don’t worry we are here to help you to know Which Is The Best Fitness Band. So do read further and find out.

What Is A Fitness Band?

A fitness band (also known as an activity tracker) is a device for monitoring and tracking all the fitness related activities such as run, distance walked, consumption of calories and sometimes heartbeat too. It is a type of wearable computer on your wrist.

Now I think you guys are familiar with What Is A Fitness Band.

How Does Fitness Band Work?

A wearable fitness tracker continuously senses the movement of your body on a 3 Axis accelerometer. All the data is recorded with time and it is worn and powered up, which enables the tracker to trace if the individual is walking forward, running and standing still at a position.

That’s How Does Fitness Band Work.

Which Fitness Band Is BestWhich Fitness Band Is Best

Which Fitness Band To Buy or Which Fitness Band Is Best?

There are some certain points that you need to acknowledge to get the right fitness Wearable for yourself.

1- Basic Features

Before buying it you need to understand what metric you want to track. Fitness tracker offers a range of features. Most of them track distance, consumption of calories, and exercise duration.

Whereas many come with heart rate monitor, sleep analysis.

Here is a  list of some common features :

A- Heart rate monitor: This sensor monitor the heart rate of users, breathing pattern and track their pulse during exercise.

B- Sleep tracker: This Features provides the information about the quality of sleep you had and the stages of sleep like light, deep and REM sleep.

Which Fitness Band Is BestWhich Fitness Band Is Best

C- Sport Activities: The fitness trackers are designed to support a variety of sports activities like cycling, treadmill, hiking etc.

[Which Fitness Band Is Best]

2- Display And Design

Displays and designs are very important while purchasing a fitness wearable device. Display is an integral part of any fitness monitor as it displays all the information and helps the user to interact with the data. Most budget trackers provide screen sizes of less than an inch, while advanced and more expensive devices include a larger display that measures more than 1 inch.

The display is LCD or OLED, mounted on the panel, and can be classified in colour or black and white. Touch functionality is supported on almost all devices.

In terms of design, fitness wearables come in a variety of shapes, styles, and sizes. Most trackers are made to be worn on the wrist, and some even include a clip to attach your outfits.

Smart watches look like traditional watches and fitness tracker look like bracelets on a strap. Some wearable devices are fitted with MIL-STD-810G standards for harsh environments.

Which Fitness Band Is BestWhich Fitness Band Is Best

3- Water Resistant

Water resistance is another important factor to consider while purchasing a new fitness tracker. Some trackers are splash-proof and should not come in contact with water, while others are waterproof and can be worn in showers and swimming pools.

An IP68 rating means that the device can sink to a depth of one meter or longer. ATM rating is also important; The device will resist water up to 10 metres pressure of 1 ATM rating or higher.

It is important to remember that just because a band is able to monitor your swimming session does not always mean that it is.

Another aspect to keep in mind is that not all fitness wearables can be worn at sea, and most are designed for use only in fresh water.

[Which Fitness Band Is Best]

Which Fitness Band Is BestWhich Fitness Band Is Best

4- GPS

Wearable fitness tracker with built-in GPS is a bit expensive. A full GPS can accurately track measurements of training sessions such as distance, speed, and altitude. This can be useful if you want to jog or cycle without carrying your phone. The disadvantage of embedded GPS is the tracking feature (when activated) that filters the battery life of the device.

Devices that do not have built-in GPS will use sensors for calculations and will leave detailed information in the smartphone application. However, this means that you have to bring your smartphone.

Stand-alone GPS is great if you are a runner, cyclist, pedestrian or an extreme athlete. If you run the same route daily or go to the gym primarily, then the GPS monitor may not be useful.

[Which Fitness Band Is Best]

5- Sensors And Connectivity

Fitness wearers have different sensors that monitor different characteristics throughout the day. They provide very accurate and detailed data. (More sensors, more accurate and detailed data is provided).

The most common sensors found in fitness equipment include accelerometers, gyroscopes, magnetometers, and barometers.

An accelerometer measures your steps and moves in different directions. A gyroscope can help determine your position, such as standing, sitting, swimming, cycling, etc.

A magnetometer detects the specific movements and directions you are driving, and the barometer sensor calculates the number of steps to climb and determine your latitude.

Which Fitness Band Is BestWhich Fitness Band Is Best

For connections, some fitness wearers also provide free contact with NFC connections. The smartphone also allows cellular connectivity to make calls without a smartphone. Most fitness wearers come with a Bluetooth connection.

[Which Fitness Band Is Best]

6- Battery Life

Whatever fitness tracker you choose, it will eventually dry the battery and requires recharging before reusing it. Battery life is directly related to the type of device.

It also depends on additional features such as display (color, screen size, touch screen), number of sensors, GPS tracking and integration with the smartphone.

Very simple functional trackers provide battery life ranging from two days to weeks. Training trackers and smart watches may need to be charged frequently, many of them daily.

[Which Fitness Band Is Best]

Which Fitness Band Is BestWhich Fitness Band Is Best

7- Platform

For compatibility, fitness trackers are designed to sync with your smartphone. Most fitness wearables include apps (such as Apple Health and Google Fit) that can sync data across iOS and Android devices.

It helps users to gather detailed data about their workout or activity monitoring and provides them with the tools and information they need.

Some applications, such as Apple Health, organize the information of third-party applications in one convenient place. However, it is important to note that consumers need to be ensured that the app is compatible with their particular phone and its operating system.

Some trackers only work on iOS devices, others have Android. For example, the Apple Watch only works on iPhones, while the recently launched Realme Band is currently only compatible with Android devices.

Which Fitness Band Is BestWhich Fitness Band Is Best

8- Additional Features

Apart from the health-focused features, the wearables also provide features for the comfort of the user. Most fitness trackers send smartphone notifications to your wrist, such as incoming calls, text messages, emails, social media, and weather updates. They can remind the user about the important calendar events, appointments etc.

Wearable smart watches in particular have support for third-party applications such as Strava, Spotify etc. Some are also equipped with an internal storage that allows you to store and listen to music without a smartphone.

When people reach their daily goals, they also provide virtual rewards such as trigger support and badges. In addition to fitness monitoring, the smartwatch also has customizable watch faces.

They aim to speed up communication that allows users to read and respond to emails and texts. Many smart watches also provide LTE connectivity these days, which allows you to make calls with your wrist.

Acknowledging Questions

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