Twitter To Charge Rs 350 Per Month | No Longer To Run Twitter For Free

No longer Be Able To Run Twitter? For This Service, You Have To Pay Rs 350 Per Month.

The microblogging site Twitter is not completely independent. Rumors are going on about this. But the truth is that it is not Twitter, but a specialized service that pays to use the Super Follow (Super Follow) service. It will be a subscription based payment service known as Super Follow. Under this service, you pay a fee to access certain types of content and top accounts. Twitter will increase its revenue with this service feature. Also, get the content creator. However  No information is available so far regarding the launching of this feature. Also, there is no news about starting of this in India.


Producers will receive the new service from this site via Super Twitter. For this, content creators can charge about Rs 350 per month from their followers. This means that followers of Twitter have to pay Rs 350 per month to view select content. Twitter will also play a role here, However, part of it has not yet been released via Twitter.


Twitter brings lots of new features

Twitter is testing a new security mode. Twitter announced a new feature known as Communities. This is similar to the Facebook group feature. People can form a group and add many people to a special event. No word on how long this feature will last.

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