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If you are looking for OnePlus Tv U Series  then you are at the right place. Listed below is OnePlus 55U1 Tv  full details that surely will be helpful for you to come over a conclusive decision if you are planning to buy one.

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OnePlus Tv U Series

Today we are here for to review the most demanded oneplus tv in market that is oneplus tv u series review. Oneplus launched there first tv in 2019 which was a bit costly that was around 70,000 Rupees. Later the company launched u series which was never the alternative of the Q1 series at all.

Talking About Design And Specifications

OnePlus Tv U SeriesOnePlus Tv U Series

The top and the sides are 6.9 mm thick where the sides are of aluminium body.Around the screen slim borders are provided with a small OnePlus logo which is quite not visible untill you are standing in front of it.Being honest I found the tv is quite heavy in weight according to the 55 inch tv because due to the premium materials used in it. From the front view the U series is quite same as Q1 series with a rear speakers and the power buttons are provided at the bottom of lower right corner.

The OnePlus tv u series has 3 set of ports including 3 hdmi inputs, 2 usb inputs and av-in socket can be used.If you wanted to mount the tv over the table it could be installed comfortably as compare to Q1 series tv.The OnePlus U series comes up with 55 inch ultra hd display, Led backlit panel and Dolby vision format.The has around 30w of sound output through the 4 Speaker that are at the Bottom.The bluetooth stereo mode let you use the tv as the bluetooth speakers by connecting it to the devices such as smartphone.

Talking About Remote And Features

OnePlus Tv U SeriesOnePlus Tv U Series

The remote comes up with a plastic body that runs on a AAA batteries.It is not so comfortable in-hand but it is more light and functional than previous.There is Google assistant button, android navigation key,hotkeys,regular volume buttons.There is no dedicated power button in the remote.

TV Features: Has Android OS,comes up with 3 GB RAM, delivers 16 GB internal memory and a G51 MP3 graphics processor

Talking About Performance

OnePlus Tv U SeriesOnePlus Tv U Series

This OnePlus tv performed very well with its ultra hd Dolby vision content,but I was also astonished after seeing the full hd content on it.Somehow the lower resolution contents shows some flaws due to the size of screen.It was interesting how the tv handled change in contrast, making sure that the bright zone are bright and dark zone are dark.The Things looks as realistic as a tv can make it look.I was Quite impressed by the how well it handle a full quality hd content and makes your watching experience more ravishing.


It is not like that anything can be perfect, everything has pros and cons but over here in this scenario the pros outweigh the cons.It is an impressive mid-range led tv that mostly people are buying as the quality for that price is quite unbelievable.


It has a Modern Design

Great Picture Quality

Good Contrast And Accurate Colours


Audio Quality should be improved


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