MacBook Pro 13-inch 2021

GADGETsMART.TECH –  The technology giant, Apple has finally officially launched its newest device, the MacBook Pro 13-inch 2020, at an event titled One More Thing on Wednesday (11/11) early in the morning Indonesian time.

This 13-inch MacBook Pro 2020 also starts a new era of computers and laptops, because it is one of the first devices to be equipped with the latest ARM architecture chip made by Apple, namely the M1 .

The latest MacBook Pro is equipped with a 13-inch screen with an 8-core M1 processor. With this processor, the company claims the speed is 2.8 times faster and the graphics are up to 5 times better than previous generation devices that still use Intel processors.

With specifications that are so premium, Apple says this device is designed for professionals working in the business and creative industries.

nlike the 2020 MacBook Air, the MacBook Pro still has a fan, aka an active cooling fan, to cool the device if it’s doing too much work.

On the left side of the laptop, there are two Thunderbolt 4 ports to support connectivity. At the top of the keyboard, there is still a touch bar to run various commands such as adjusting the screen brightness level, volume, and music navigation settings.

From the power sector, the latest MacBook Pro has a battery that lasts up to 17 hours for web browsing and 20 hours for watching movies. This battery life is claimed to be 10 times longer than the previous generation and is Apple’s laptop with the most durable battery life.

The M1 has an 8-core processor with 5nm fabrication, the same as the A14 processor used in the latest iPhone and iPad Air. Apple says the M1 delivers the same peak performance as a laptop CPU. It has 4 fast performance CPU cores, and 4 high efficiency cores. It also delivers high-performance graphics capabilities thanks to an upgraded 8-core GPU (graphics processing unit).

Today many iOS apps can run alongside macOS apps. If you have already purchased the application on iOS, then there is no need to buy it again for MacOS, and you can also download it there.

This integration of iOS and iPadOS apps into macOS Big Sur is made possible by Apple’s Rosetta 2 technology, which optimizes the performance of various apps on macOS Big Sur, including legacy apps for Mac designed for Intel’s x64 architecture processors.

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