How to View Post History Liked on Instagram

Instagram is a social media application that is booming in 2017 until now. Instagram has been widely used for various purposes. There are some of them who use Instagram as a place to show off their photos, online shop, and as a means to become a celebrity. Instagram users on average are teenagers to the elderly.

But sometimes we forget to save the post and want to see it again, but you don’t find it on the Instagram homepage. Well, there’s a way to see the posts you’ve liked.


Instagram is a social media that is still one family with social media Facebook. Facebook itself was created by Mark Zuckerberg, so Instagram is included in the auspices of his company. Not only Instagram, there is also Whatsapp under the auspices of the Facebook company.

Even with Instagram you can open up business opportunities and make money. Many people have tried it and it works.


1. Open your Instagram, then go to your profile.

2. Open the settings on your profile by pressing the line 3 in the upper right corner then settings at the bottom.

3. Then scroll down to select an account.

4. Scroll  down and select the post you like. In that section you can see all the posts you’ve liked .


If you really like the post, it’s a good idea to save the post, but if you forget to do it, you can do like the tutorial above. But if you don’t find a post that you’ve liked, it’s possible that the post is private or has been deleted by the owner. This method is also able to detect your girlfriend if caught liking other women’s posts. It can also be used to monitor children playing social media, so please try.

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