How to Use Video Filters in the Zoom PC App

The Zoom application is one of the most popular and widely used applications today, especially when the world is being hit by a pandemic. Due to the pandemic, people cannot meet and chat in person. So that the emergence of video conference type applications is certainly very helpful and useful in several aspects of activities. Some face-to-face activities such as meetings, group discussions, seminars to teaching and learning activities can still be carried out with this type of application.

In addition to formal activities, we can also use this application to fill it with other activities. These include chatting with friends and relatives, reunions and other casual events. So with this application, we can still maintain friendship with friends and relatives.


Zoom as a video conferencing application certainly wants to always innovate to include interesting features in it. This is because now new competitor applications such as Google Meet and Microsoft Teams have started to appear . With the addition of new features, it will certainly make people who use it more comfortable and easy. In addition, the breakthrough of new features will also attract more and more users.

One of the features added by Zoom is a video filter. The existence of this filter allows us to add various kinds of filters as desired. Like the filter feature on the Instagram and TikTok applications, the filter feature on Zoom is also suitable for use when we are chatting with friends or relatives that are informal.

So in this tutorial, the author will discuss how to use video filters in the Zoom PC application . Here the method is very simple, in more detail it can be seen as follows.


  1. Open the Zoom application on your PC (by entering your username and password)
  2. If you have logged in, select the settings logo on the top right kanan
  1. After entering the Settings page, select the background and filters tab
  1. Next, on the tab select the video filters menu . In the menu there are many filter options that you can use. Starting from the video color feature to funny filters that are interesting for you to use

That’s a tutorial on how to use the various filters found in the Zoom application . In addition, this filter can only be used on the PC platform only. This filter does not seem to be available for the Android version of the Zoom application . May be useful.

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