How to turn on the mobile screen without touching a button

If the situation has ever happened to you of wanting to turn on the mobile screen but not being able to do so because of the broken power button, this article will interest you. The most common reason is that this button is broken, but this is not always the case as there has probably been an occasion where you had to look at your mobile but not be able to do so because your hands are full. For these situations, devices have other ways of doing it.

Device manufacturers each time they create new functions for devices which can be considered secondary but which are also very useful . It doesn’t matter what kind of function it is, because it directly gives the user the possibility to be able to use it. And more precisely today, we had just talked about the tips and functions to be able to activate the screen of the mobile without touching it.

Methods to turn on the mobile without touching it

The truth is that there can be several reasons why you need to turn on the mobile phone without having to touch the corresponding button. We’re really talking about the well-known screen unlocking, that process in which the device is turned on but with the screen turned off to save battery power.

And the truth is, there are many reasons why you want to turn on your cell phone without having to touch any button at all. For example , maybe you’re cooking and you’re in the act, maybe even literally. In this case, it is not a good idea to touch the power button as the phone will get greasy and dirt can collect on the button and cause damage in the future.

Or, you might be having a nice day at the beach with your friends or loved ones and want to check the notifications to see if someone sent you something of interest. But of course, between sand and salt water, two things that can damage your phone, it’s best to avoid physical contact.

The solution? Well, it’s as easy as unlocking your phone screen without having to press the corresponding button. And seeing the different options to consider, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Let’s see the ways we have selected for you that can get you out of more than one problem.

Before continuing with the different methods to unlock your phone screen without having to press any button, the following should be noted. With the exception of the methods which biometrically unlock the device, the other methods which will be able to turn on the screen such as a password, a PIN code or a pattern must first be entered correctly for the mobile to be fully unlocked.

You can use your phone’s fingerprint reader

In this way, they are part of the two most popular and best integrated unlocking methods are: fingerprint sensor and face unlock. In the security options, you can configure both methods or only one if the device has only one. Once your fingerprint or face is configured, you can unlock your device – in the first case – by touching the sensor or – in the second case – by looking at the screen for the front camera to unlock the phone.

The truth is, this method is one of the most comfortable, especially now that Any mid-range phone already has a full face unlock system. While the fingerprint recognition method is also very effective, it is important to note that there are occasions when you may not want to touch the phone.

Or what amounts to the same: if it’s because the on / off button doesn’t work, unlocking your mobile screen using the fingerprint reader is a great idea. But if it’s to avoid staining the phone, don’t even think about it because you can damage the biometric sensor and the problem will be much bigger.

You can say Ok, Google and the problem is fixed

In general, the google assistant It is already activated at the factory on all Android devices. But you also have the option to download Amazon’s Alexa Assistant app available on Google Play. With the assistant enabled, you can now unlock the mobile using the voice assistant activate command, which is a perfect way to unlock the mobile when our hands are busy or dirty. So go ahead and bet on using Google Assistant to unlock your phone without touching it.

Tool to program it

If you have an older device that does not have the above options, it will be necessary to use third-party tools. One of the best (top rated and most experienced in this area) is Gravity Screen , which is responsible for turning off the device when you put it in your pocket or on the table. Rather, it lights up when you take it out of your pocket or stand up. And it also keeps the device on while you are using it because it senses your hand movements.

You can also create a virtual button

Some devices have a home button on the screen instead of the home button in the center. This allows you to tap the screen as happened with the physical buttons, and without having to touch the power button. Although for this you will have to activate it first in the settings of the screen, finding the option “Unlock with the start button” and activating the option.

Bet on smart stocks

Whenever mobiles have more ways to activate the screen without having to touch the power button , some options with hardware elements such as the screen or sensors. So here you can use two methods which are the activation of the screen when you pick up the phone and the double tap. These are features available in accessibility settings, and once you turn them on, you will have these other two ways to activate the phone without pressing the power button.

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