How to quickly share files by joining two mobiles

Nearby sharing is a feature that we have had on our Android devices since last year, so now we can join or paste two mobiles against each other so that we can share files immediately.

And the best thing is that if they both have NFC enabled , we won’t even need the file recipient to enable the nearby sharing feature, it will start immediately; and as long as we have one of the latest versions of Android for at least this curious way of assembling mobile phones to enable nearby sharing

What is nearby sharing

Nearby Sharing was launched last year by Google and is available for all Android devices with version 6.0 or higher; and as long as you have Google Play services. Let’s say this is the version of Apple’s “Airdrop” that we finally have on Android.

The conditions required for nearby sharing to be used are as follows: activate WiFi, Bluetooth and GPS connection for location ; In fact, if we don’t have these active items, the Nearby Sharing window when we want to share content, will warn us that we need to activate it.

How to quickly share with the two stuck mobiles

The important thing about their bonding is that if both have NFC, the second mobile won’t need or won’t have nearby sharing enabled . That’s the cool thing about this little novelty.

First of all, we must have:

  • Be under the same Wi-Fi connection
  • GPS enabled
  • Bluetooth enabled
  • A mobile with Android 6.0 or higher

We will do the following:

  • From the mobile we send, we choose the file or even an image
  • We give you to share
  • In the sharing window we choose “Share nearby”
  • Another window is generated
  • On the other mobile, we turn on the screen
  • A message will appear that if we want to accept the file they send us
  • We accept
  • Ready!

It couldn’t be easier to share a file by joining one mobile to another with this feature that Google launched last year. Now you need to try it out or watch it on our Androidsis YouTube video channel.

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