How to Quickly Open a New Tab on Chrome iPhone

Google Chrome is currently the most popular browser and is widely used by people to visit websites, where Google Chrome was developed directly by the internet giant, Google. Google Chrome has high speed and security, so that makes Google Chrome liked by many people. Chrome is also available on the iOS platform which you can download for free on the App Store.

Chrome provides features that are almost common to other web browsers such as tabbed browsing, bookmark settings, history finder and bookmarks, integrated with iPhoto photo settings including the translate feature Including quick access to new tab features , reloading pages and closed tabs on Chrome iPhone.

In the Chrome application there are features that can make access to  new tabs, reload pages and closed tabs on Chrome faster. If you usually access  new tabs, reload pages and closed tabs on Chrome in the usual way, this time the author will give easy tips on how to quickly access the new tab, reload and closed tab features on Chrome iPhone, see the following tutorial:


1. Open the Chrome app – Tap, hold and scroll down – when you tap, hold and scroll down, three new tab menus , reload and closed tab will appear .

To access new tabs – keep tap, hold and scroll down then swipe left to access new tabs. This method applies to closed tabs. For reload access – you just need to scroll down and then release – the page will automatically reload.

If you have difficulty, please comment in the comments column, hopefully it will be useful.

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