How to Make Background Blur in Video with Capcut

Now, only with an Android device; we can make a variety of video displays that are unique and interesting. This is possible thanks to the rapid development of technology in recent years. Now, there are many video editing that can be downloaded and used for free. One of them is the Capcut video editing application.


Only by using Capcut, we can make videos for various chat applications and social media applications including YouTube, Tik Tok, Instagram Feed, Story and Reels. Apart from that, it’s the same with other video editing apps; at Capcut also has some tips and tricks that are a pity to miss. One of them is to make a video with a blurred background.


Later, videos with a blurred background will have a blurred background appearance behind the object. Meanwhile, the object will look more clear and prominent. To make this video is also not long and not difficult, you just need to follow a few easy steps below.


1. Prepare in advance the video you want to edit.

2. Open the Capcut video editing application that is already available on your Android device. Then tap the + New Project icon to instantly create a blur background in the video. After that, select the video and tap the Add button .

3. Now the video is ready to be edited. Find and select the Effects menu on the main menu row of the Capcut application. Remember, don’t tap the video; because later you will enter the video menu open the main menu.

4. Once the Effects menu opens, tap the Basic category and look for the Blur effect . Wait a moment until the effect is successfully applied to your video.

To extend the blur effect on the video, tap on the white square on the right side of the effect and swipe right on the blur effect. Adjust the appearance of the video you want to blur the background.

5. When you have returned to the starting point of the blur effect. Now, define the object in the video. On the main menu of the Capcut application and select the Overlay menu . Then tap the Add overlay button and select the same video as the blurred video. tap Add .

6. After that adjust the video size with the blurred video. Remove the video background by tapping the Remove Background feature . Wait until the video background removal is complete.

7. Done, now the video with the blurred background is complete. tap the export icon to save the video to your device gallery.


Only by relying on the Capcut video editing application, now you can create videos with blurred backgrounds in just seconds. For maximum results, use a video whose object does not move too much or cut the video first according to the scene / scene needed.

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