How to make Android faster 2022

Many users ask us for tips or tricks to make the mobile faster . There is really no infallible trick that works, since we do not have the possibility of opening the terminal to expand the storage space, add more RAM, change the processor …

If you want your terminal to work as it did on day one, the only thing you can do is follow each of the tips that we show you in this article , tips that, combined with others or individually, will save you a few years. on your device.

Restart it regularly

Electronic devices managed by an operating system on which applications can be installed, require the affection of users . That is, like people and animals, we need to sleep to continue working, electronic devices need to rest from time to time, either by restarting them or turning them off regularly.

As when we rest we get up hard, a device when restarting it will give the best of itself Although they are designed to be on for days, when you restart them they tidy up the memory RAM, closing every open application and opening only the ones they need to run.

Without the hours passing, the device goes by showing symptoms of exhaustion , we are faced with a clear indication that you need to rest, either by turning it off and then on again, or directly restarting it.

Free up space by deleting files you don’t use

Any operating system where applications are installed, we come back to the basic mass of the previous point, needs free storage space for it to work. When a Windows computer (to take an example that has happened to all of us) runs out of hard drive space, the computer starts to run slower than usual.

The same thing happens on Android, like iOS, macOS, Linux, and any other operating system. Keeping our smartphone free of litter is one of the best ways to keep our smartphone running like day one . One of the best apps to clean up files that we download to our smartphone that we don’t remember in Files by Google.

Delete the apps you don’t use

Every application that we install on our mobile device, modify the android registry , so in the long run, every time we start our terminal, it performs a series of checks and loads a series of data into the system. This process not only slows down the boot time of our smartphone, but also affects its performance.

If we want our smartphone to work as it did on day one, as if it came out of the box, we must try to keep only the applications that we may need on a regular or sporadic basis.

As the storage space of smartphones has grown, this task has become more complicated as many users wait to see the insufficient space message to take action. If you want to know which apps you use the least on your smartphone, you can use Google’s Files app.

The Google Files app will notify you of all the apps you have installed on your device and the time that has passed since you last used it . This information will allow us to quickly know which applications remain on our device.

Clear application cache

If the whole terminal is not running slowly, but performance decreases it is noticeable in some applications , we should take a look at the details of the application and clear the cache. If it still works erratically, we can proceed with its removal and reinstallation.

If still, there is no way for this to work properly, the only solution we have left is to use the Lite version if it is available or a WebApp version, versions which we explain in the next section.

Use web apps or Lite versions

Lite versions of applications, when available, are versions occupying less than 2MB that do not include most of the functions that we can find in the normal application, to differentiate them in some way or another. other.

Lite versions are designed for low-end terminals and mainly oriented towards emerging markets. If you can’t find a Lite version of the app you need in the Play Store, you can go through the APKMirror repository .

A WebApp, as we can well deduce from its name, is nothing more than a web version of the application . These types of apps are a kind of direct access to the service provider’s website, but without showing the browser interface, showing the interface for mobile devices in the same way as on its website.

Being browser based that connects to service servers, it does not need to be updated , because if an operation or service change is made, we will see it reflected when we reopen the app.

Conclusion : Friends, this was a little information for you today. Today in this article we told you How to make Android faster 2022. I hope you liked this information

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