Important Tips For How To Find A Good Air Conditioner In India | Get The Best Air Conditioner Buying Guide In 2021

A good air conditioner will not just offers you to respite from summer heat but also gives you the advantages of air purification, control over humidity and heating in winters.

As the rising temperature in india has made the necessity of air conditioner in every home. Buying a wrong air conditioner can result in getting large electricity bills or maybe afterwards you will regret over buying that air conditioner.

How To Find A Good Air ConditionerHow To Find A Good Air Conditioner

So it becomes Important to have perfect knowledge about How To Find A Good Air Conditioner before stepping out to a store to buy it.

This buying guide right over here intends to help you to acknowledge the factors that you have to look to make a right purchase for you to dodge this hot summer heat.

So do read further to find Which Is The Best Air Conditioner.

Let us first understand What Is The Air Conditioner.


An air conditioner is a system that is used to cool a space by removing heat from the space and transferring it to an outside area. Ventilation allows cold air to be transferred throughout the building.

Air conditioners require some work input to operate, otherwise the entropy will naturally be constrained by the second law of thermodynamics. Air conditioners function similarly to a heat pump, but instead follow a cooling cycle.

Air conditioners are called “split-systems” because they have an outdoor unit (condenser) and an indoor unit (evaporator). These two systems together achieve the task of cooling an interior space, while simultaneously dehumidifying it.

How To Find A Good Air ConditionerHow To Find A Good Air Conditioner

This dehumidification occurs when the hot air passes from inside through a cold evaporator, where the hot air enters and get condensed and loses moisture just as the hot air does in a cold glass of lemon.

The split-system describes an air conditioner with separate internal and external components. There is another type of air conditioner that combines these components into an external system, called a “packaged” system.

So I think you guys are familiar with What Is An Air Conditioner aren’t you guys?


Air conditioners come in many types of shapes and sizes, but they all operate on the same basic principle. An air conditioner provides cool air inside your home or a covered space by removing heat and moisture from the indoor air.

It redirects refrigerated air to an indoor location and transferring unwanted heat and moisture outside. A typical air conditioner or cooling system uses a special chemical called refrigerant, and consists of three main mechanical components: a compressor, a condenser coil, and an evaporator coil.

These components combine together to quickly convert refrigerants from gas to liquid and back to same. The compressor increases the pressure and temperature of the cooling gas and sends it to the condenser coil, where it is liquefied.

How To Find A Good Air ConditionerHow To Find A Good Air Conditioner

The refrigerant then enters the house and enters the evaporator coil. Here the coolant cools the hot inner coil. A fan blows the indoor air across the evaporator coil where the hot air inside the room is absorbed by the refrigerant.

As the hot evaporated gas returns to the compressor outside, the cold air circulates throughout the house. As the coolant returns to a liquid state, heat is released into the outside air. This cycle continues until your home reaches the desired temperature.

This information makes you pretty familiar with How Does Air Conditioner Work.


All the points mentioned down below about How To Find A Good Air Conditioner is drawn after a detailed research so you could totally rely on it.

1: Tonnage

Tonnage refers to the cooling capacity of an air conditioner system, where one ton is defined as the amount of heat required to melt one ton of ice in 24 hours. It is an important point for How To Find A Good Air Conditioner.

It is important to choose the right air conditioner for the size of your room. 1 ton AC is more than enough for rooms under 130 square meters. However, for a room somewhere in the 185 square meter area, 1.5 ton AC is best suited to ensure effective cooling.

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2: Efficiency

Energy efficiency is one of the most important parameters to consider when determining. We want an AC that produces maximum cooling, but uses less power and thus does not cause any high electricity cost.

The measure of energy efficiency of an AC is the star rating of the device, rated by the Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE). The higher the star rating, the better the energy efficiency.

Therefore, a 5-start AC will use much less power than a 1-star AC. In addition, there is another type of AC called the inverter series which provides higher performance with lower star rating as compared to the conventional AC. It is also an important point for How To Find A Good Air Conditioner.

How To Find A Good Air ConditionerHow To Find A Good Air Conditioner

The energy efficiency ratio is calculated by taking the cooling capacity of the Air Conditioner and dividing it by the power consumed by that Air Conditioner.

These ratings have come a long way in saving electricity consumption. 5-star Air Conditioner is up to 35% better than 1-star Air Conditioner. However, 5-star ACs are also more expensive, and more expensive utility costs are based on money saved over the years. Probably you have to keep this point in mind for How To Select Air Conditioner.

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3 : Type Of Air Conditioner

There are usually two types of air conditioner one is Split Air Conditioner and the second one is Window Air Conditioner.

Window Air Conditioner

They are very large because they have to integrate each component of it into only one chassis. It also indicates that there are many things a buyer should be concerned about, thus, making the whole unit cheaper than others.

Such ACs are also called mono blocks. To install an AC window on the wall, you need a wall about 9-12 inches thick. If your walls are thinner than that, additional support structures are needed, or look for a thicker wall.


It is cheap as compare to split Air Conditioner.

It is easy in installation.

Its mono block design.


It needs a thick and sturdy wall for the installation purpose.

Split Air Conditioner

Split AC can be installed by separating the compressor and heat dispensing coil into one of the outdoor units that sit outside your home, which is more advanced than window AC. Maintenance is very difficult for split ACs because maintenance personnel must have to access an external unit.

How To Find A Good Air ConditionerHow To Find A Good Air Conditioner

There are also some limitations on how far indoor and outdoor units can be installed. It matters how far away both are, the combination will be less effective if they are farther, so you should keep it short. These Air Conditioner can be installed at a distance of 40 meters from each other if the interconnected pipes are properly sealed. Cassette ACs are a variant of split ACs with the indoor unit mounted on the roof of the room.


It is expensive as compared to the window air conditioner.

It makes less noise while operating.

It can be installed on any wall.


There is a higher risk of coolant leak from it.

Window ACs are generally cheap and easy to install, however, they are less noisy than split ACs.

Split ACs provide excellent air supply, and are beautiful,  provide relatively fast cooling.

In addition, split ACs are more efficient and more suitable for long-term use. Both types of air conditioning system are available in a variety of designs and sizes.

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4: Quality Of Air

Whichever Air Conditioner you choose, it is important for it to improve the indoor air quality. It is alo an important point for          How To Find A Good Air Conditioner. Filters should be provided to provide clean air by trapping smoke, unpleasant odors and contaminants. A good dehumidification unit is a bonus as it helps ensure a comfortable environment by reducing humidity during the rainy season.

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5: Essential Key Components

The blower fan is an integral part of the AC, which is responsible for distributing air throughout your home.

The larger the blower fan size, the stronger the air flow. Capacitor coil is an another component that is used to accelerate cooling.

How To Find A Good Air ConditionerHow To Find A Good Air Conditioner

The Air Conditioner should be like that its condenser coil that supports heat transfer and has anti-corrosion properties.

Capacitors are another important component to provide fire protection in case of a capacitor disconnection or circuit failure.

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6: Speed Of Cooling

Air conditioners with thermostats and multiple fans allow different fan speeds to be obtained, thus reducing overall power consumption. It is also an important point for How To Find A Good Air Conditioner.  These days AC also has options for airflow and swing systems. These options allow the user to optimize Air Conditioner cooling levels and also contribute to reducing AC noise levels.

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7: Install And Maintenance

To get the most out of your AC, it needs to be properly installed from authorized dealers. The split AC consists of a compressor unit, while the window AC, as the name suggests, is connected to only one window.

There should be no defects in the installation process and the air conditioner should be regularly maintained and cleaned. Follow your dealer’s instructions on how often the filter and other AC components should be serviced.

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8: Inverter Or Non Inverter Air Conditioner

It is also an important point for How To Find A Good Air Conditioner. Inverters are that which convert DC (direct current) power to AC (alternating current) power. Inside the air conditioner, you first take Alternating Current power from the wall socket and convert it to Direct Current and then convert it back to Alternating Current for the compressor motor.

How To Find A Good Air ConditionerHow To Find A Good Air Conditioner

Traditional air conditioners do this in an orderly manner so that the compressor is in one state, on or either off. Inverter air conditioners are very flexible at different frequencies.

This allows the compressor to operate efficiently in variable mode; The tonnage / capacity of Air Conditioner will vary according to your needs. This precise control helps to manage temperature better than traditional air conditioner.

However, it takes slightly longer to reach the correct temperature with an inverter air conditioner than a conventional air conditioner. Due to the complex circuits involved, repairing these inverter air conditioners is more expensive, especially when the main circuit board, that is PCB get wonky, you have to completely replace the board.

On traditional air conditioner, you can only replace individual components on the circuit board because they are not complicated. Of course, if you take a list of parts, you can always replace the components in the inverter air conditioner, but you will get stuck when the main micro controller is messed up. You must program them before replacing them.

Since the efficiency of the inverter air conditioner is variable and very accurate, you will end up with the right amount of power. This makes the inverter air conditioner more efficient than conventional Air Conditioner.

Some manufacturers also use dual-cylinder compressors, which allow more control over the compressors. This, along with the inverter technology, help us to save power more even.

However, complex machines are worse and easily get broken often than ordinary machines. Here are the pros and cons.


It helps you to save even more power as it uses less power while operating.

More consistent temperature.


It is a bit expensive.

I hope now you are familiar with What Is Inverter Air Conditioner.

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9: Additional Features

These days AC has undergone many subtle changes to attract consumers. These additional features can be considered to your liking, but only after meeting the basic requirements.

How To Find A Good Air ConditionerHow To Find A Good Air Conditioner

These features include sleep mode, an auto-cleaning facility for not to retain moisture, 4-way swing, quick cool, jet cool, and even features like mosquito away for mosquito-infested areas.

In addition to these factors, Air Conditioner You can also see the brand history, results and quality of service before purchasing. The air conditioner is a complex machine that needs to be serviced by experts from time to time. If the brand of AC you are considering does not have an optimal service network and has poor results, you may want to look at other options.

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10: Miscellaneous


The filters are capable of capturing particles and also act as an air purifier. These Air Conditioners have a separate filter module, and this process is very common in industrial HVAC systems that need to be installed in hospitals and clean rooms.

How To Find A Good Air ConditionerHow To Find A Good Air Conditioner

Most domestic Air conditioners do not have such advanced filters. You should focus on Air Conditioner that refers to PPM statistics for known pollutants rather than general terms such as “bacterial filters”.


Program timers allow the Air Conditioner to operate for some time before automatically shutting down. If you want the room to be cool while sleeping, this is great if you want to turn off the Air Conditioner on its own after a few hours.


There are certain air conditioners that can also heat room during the cold winters. This seems to be pretty helpful as it also reduces the number of use of appliances.

Surely all these points will lead you the best position in for How To Choose Air Conditioner.

[How To Find A Good Air Conditioner]


Whenever you will search for an Air Conditioner you will notice that air conditioners are highly priced and moreover, you will find different price air conditioner of different brands that makes it difficult for you How To Choose An AC.

So to make it easy for you we have made a comprehensive list of Which Air Conditioner Is Best.

Top 5 Best Air Conditioners In India 2021

It will surely help you in How To Find A Good Air Conditioner.


Which Gas Is Used In Air Conditioner?

A gas R22 with the molecular formula of CHCLF2 is the widely used refrigerant in the air conditioner.

It constantly changes its states from solid, liquid, gas with different temperatures. The refrigerant can be very dangerous as they can catch fire at high temperature.

How To Clean Air Conditioner?

The first step to clean the air conditioner is to switch off the power supply and open the panel of air conditioner. If your air conditioner has more than one filter then remove them one by one.

Gently with help of toothbrush clean the evaporator to remove any dirt. After using the toothbrush take a cloth and clean the dust from the air conditioner.

To clean the filters put them under the running water tap and clean it. Let the filters dry and put them back again to its place. Shut off the panel of air conditioner and your unit is ready for use.

What Is The Best Temperature For Air Conditioner In Summer?

According to the reports it is recommend to keep the thermostat settings at 26 degree celcius when you are at home. By setting your air conditioner at this level will allow you to stay safe and will avoid any unusual high electricity bill. Probably it is the best way for How To Use Air Conditioner.

Why Is My Air Conditioner Leaking Water Inside?

If your air conditioner is leaking water inside than it is due to a clogged condensate drain line. With the passage of time the drain line get clogged with debris like dirt or dust.

When it gets clogged the water is not able to escape and drained outside the house. One easy way to unclog your drain line is to remove the debris with the help of wet vacuum or dry vacuum.

This would clean up all the debris that is causing backed up.

Best Time To Buy AC In India?

The best time to buy an air conditioner is in between mid of March till the end of July.

So these were some Important Tips for  how to find a good Air Conditioner in India.

If you guys still have some questions that you want me to acknowledge for you then you can feel free to drop it down in our comment section I will surely answer you thank you for reading till here.

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