Honor Band 6 Review | Important Things To Consider Before Buying The Honor Smart Band

Honor Band 6 Release Date?

Honor Band 6 was Launched on 3 April 2021 in India.

If you are looking for the review of honor band 6 in india then you are at the right place. Listed below are honor band 6 full details and honor 6 features with the honor smart band watch price  that could be helpful for you to come over a conclusive decision if you are  looking forward to buy this watch.

We have done a comprehensive research and made this post on review of  Honor Smart Band 6 In India. Hope you will find it helpful.

Today we are here to review one of the most demanding product in the indian market, honor band 6. Whole review is done on our personal experience so you could get a trustworthy review which could help you in future to buy the watch whenever you will be seeking for it.

Honor Band 6 In IndiaHonor Band 6 In India

Talking About Design

Honor Band 6 is notable for narrowing the gap between a fitness band and a smartwatch. In other words, it looks like a small squash apple watch.

Honor Smart band has an AMOLED Display with a resolution of 194 x 368, which gives the same pixels as a laptop screen. The clear performance of the ongoing data and announcements is sharp, even with all the glare.

There are a lot of watch faces to choose from, and the classic – smart looking Roman numeral monochrome analog face – is my favorite.

The larger screen, however, is not large enough to avoid the use of a touchscreen, which is a bit clever, although adding a button on the right makes it easier to use than many of its competitors. This is useful for your music or podcasts next to a remote control, while there is also a shutter function for your phone’s camera, so you can use the best feature for selfies.

The biggest improvement done by Honor parent company is that they increase the honor band display size as compared to honor band 5 review. It has a display of AMOLED type which is very sharp, vibrant and easily visible in the sunlight. There is only only one physical button on to the right side of the watch. The honor band 6 is Made up of silicon material that helps you to wear the watch for long-hours comfortably. Around the back there is a heart rate monitor sensor.

Honor Band 6
Honor Band 6 Review

Talking About Honor Band 6 Features

As they have paired with huawei health app which has a very easy to navigate interface which shows all the crucial data quite perfectly and it is more good as compared to fitbit services as I have personally found fitbit takes more time in pairing as compare to its competitors. Notification comes in real time but you can only see 2-3 lines of it and even can’t reply to it or respond but I won’t complain about it as many watches has that.

Since this device weighs only 18 grams, you have an ultra-light smart band at your disposal. By increasing the screen size, you can keep a lot of details at first glance. However, you will need the help of the Huawei Health App to complete certain tasks.

Honor smart band 6 supports SpO2 monitoring and can measure your blood-oxygen level. It also provides 24-hour heart rate monitoring along with stress level monitoring based on heart rate variation.

Like other smart bands and fitness trackers on the market, the Honor Band 6 offers several game modes. We have options like outdoor and indoor running, walking, indoor biking, swimming and free training. Sensors are quite similar to Honor Band 5 – Optical heart rate sensor, accelerometer and gyroscope.

The 5 ATM water resistance rating for this device is perfect for a gaming smart band. This means it is good for underwater activities.

Honor Band 6 In IndiaHonor Band 6 In India

Talking About Health Tracking

The honor band 6 can do everything that is expected from a fitness tracker, it can count steps, stairs climbed, heart rate and various exercise such as cycling, weightlifting and many. The honor smart band has a good sleep tracker. As earlier it was found that if you even move a bit in sleep during midnight watch thinks you are awake but honor band 6 passes this test and not tells the amount of hour you slept rather it shows how well you slept in a percentage form.

Heart rate monitoring is often the heel of most fitness monitors, which we have criticized in the past, especially for fitness, Honor wearables. With honor band 6, you will receive the Truseen 4.0 heart rate sensor technology that comes with field measurements, continuous monitoring, pressure monitoring and heart rate data during exercise.

For a continuous and calm heartbeat insight, this is a small mix. Sometimes the resting heart rate from a dedicated heart rate monitor is 1–2 bpm. In other cases, the reading of honor band 6 was significantly higher than the heart rate shot at the clinical pulse oximeter level.

Our 75 bpm resting heart rate came to around 85 bpm. This is a story against a Garmin watch, which provides data similar to a pulse oximeter. Data limits of maximum and minimum heart rate are not completely reliable.

As you increase your interest in activities such as running and cycling, problems begin to diminish and data becomes unreliable.

With heart rate monitoring, you will again get an SPO2 monitor such as honour band 5 to measure blood oxygen levels as an indicator of your overall well-being. Like heart rate monitoring, it is not designed for medical use, it can actually be used specifically for your health.

It is only available in on spot measurements, so there is no support for continuously monitoring blood oxygen levels as readings are stored in the Huawei Health app.

Honor Band 6
Honor Band 6 Review

Talking About Sleep Tracking

I’ve always been fascinated by the Huawei Health App deep sleep monitoring and the integration with the Honor huawei 6 heart rate tracker is again very good here.

To get a full view, you need to run something called TruSleep, which affects huawei honor 6 battery life, but it is worth it. This not only separates your night’s sleep into deep, light and REM sleep, but also provides useful insights into the data and practical steps you can take to make eye more refreshing.

Unlike most apps, Huawei Health tells you what the average of each sleeping position is, and then lets you tap here for more useful information. From there, I can tell you that most of my measurements last night were normal, followed by high altitude REM sleep and less deep sleep. Tapping the latter tells me that I can solve it with many lifestyle, plan and dietary changes. Be helpful! This is undoubtedly one of the best sleep monitoring procedures I have ever seen.

Honor Band 6
Honor Band 6 Review

Talking About Running Tracker

We used functional tracking with and without GPS attached. Without it, it would be 1 km shorter than the Garmin Enduro and the speed measurement would be more accurate. With GPS play, it is very reliable and similar to the data captured by our Garmin Enduro watch. Before you can start seeing those real-time measurements on the tracker screen, you must first start things in the app.

If you want to dig deeper into your stats, you should go to the Huawei Health App. These are not great applications, but above all it does a great job of breaking down that data in an easily digestible way.

However, beyond the data, there are some useful running programs for 5Km, 10Km, Half Marathon and Full Distance Marathon which you can use here. They are powered by the program app, so you’ll need your phone in the process of using them, but it’s good to see if you need some assistance developing training to focus more on movement.

Although fitness apps like Strava are not supported here, a word of that data can be shared on Google Fit.

Honor Band 6
Honor Band 6 Battery

Talking About Battery

The company assures a 14 day of Huawei honor battery life in a single charge personally I have used a watch for a week and still it was having 61% of battery in which I wore it daily for 24 hours that prove it could easily long last for 14 days in a single charge which is more than enough.

The 180 mAh battery is one of the most interesting parts of this device. This is larger than the 125 mAh battery found in Xiaomi Mi Band 4. However, both smart bands support 14 days of battery life on a single charge. Interestingly, 10 minutes of charge in this honor smart band is enough to give up to 3 days.

Honor Band 6 In IndiaHonor Band 6 Price

Talking About Price

The price of honor band 6 in india is 2,776 india rupees which is quite affordable budget for such a good watch. Talking about the honor band 6 launch date in india, so it is been released by Honor Parent Company on 21 April 2021 in India. You can find this honor smart band on Amazon India.


Great Design

It has SpO2 And Heart Rate sensor

Large battery

Water Resistant Up to 5 ATM


It has only 10 Sport Modes

It Lacks stress tracking

It Lacks female health tracking


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