Havells Celia Desert Air Cooler Review[March 2021]Know Full Details,Feature,Price And Much More

Are Looking for Havells Celia Desert Air Cooler Review?

If you are looking for havells celia desert air cooler then you are at the right place.Listed below are havells air cooler price and a brief details about the features.

We have done a comprehensive research and made this post on havells air cooler review.Hope you will find it helpful.

Havells Celia Desert Air CoolerHavells Celia Desert Air Cooler

As we all know the hot summer is about to arrive and to beat the heat without getting a hole in our pocket we have brought a good quality of air cooler.Today we are here for havells air cooler review which will be on our personal experience so you guys can trust us and go for the product mentioned.

Havells Celia Desert Air CoolerHavells Celia Desert Air Cooler

The celia desert cooler comes up with unique fan design to provide low noise cooling action apart from this it has collapsible louvers to prevent dust and to prevent it from insects from entering into the air cooler.One of the coolest feature I liked about it is that it has a ice chamber so that you can get instant chilled air cooling.It reqiures low maintenance and gives high performance which I think is one of its top capabilities.

Havells Celia Desert Air CoolerHavells Celia Desert Air Cooler

Talking about the water capacity it’s about 55 Liters which I think is good amount.It delivers about 3500 m³/h of air which is think is quite good as the cooling done by it is affective over a large area.If live in a big room than go for this product.It comes up with honeycomb cooling pads which ensures the air entering is free from dust particles as it has anti-bacterial,anti-erosion and anti-deformation.

Havells Celia Desert Air Cooler

Getting all these features in such a sturdy and a compact structure makes the air cooler more effective and a curious option for you guys as the price of havells cooler is quite decent only 11,390 on amazon.


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