Facebook BARS App | Facebook’s New App BARS Launched In Tiktok’s Competition, Know What Is Special

Facebook BARS App

Facebook bars

With Facebook burning to copy competitors in recent years, criticism will never stop the company. Unless the snapshot inspired the idea of ​​stories, Jack would never stop creating his own Tinder and getting “inspiration” from other successful technology companies.

Facebook BARS App help users

Facebook bars

Bars allow users to write and record their own rap using professional beats. The app offers a wide variety of audio and visual effects, and according to TechCrunch, you can also suggest when writing poems. Videos can be up to 60 seconds long and can be stored elsewhere on your camera roll – familiar with the sound.

Facebook BARS App VS TIK TOK

Facebook bars

When bars focus on rap, it is compared to tik tok.In addition to the short, music-based video format, the interface also resembles Tik Tok . It has a two-tab news feed (follow and special and new to you), and contact buttons are placed at the bottom-right. The user’s handle is down on the left side.

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