Top 5 Best Watches Brands For Men In 2021 : Know Price And Specifications

What are the best watches brands for men? Several times you might have this question on your mind. If you are looking for some Best Watches Brands For Men then you are on the right place. We have done a comprehensive research on this topic and came up with a list . Hope you will find it helpful.


1- Casio G-Shock Analog-Digital Black Dial Men’s Watch – GG-1000-1A3DR

Best Watches Brands For Men. 

It is the first watch brand that comes in our list of Best Watches Brands For Men . The best-selected G-Shock from the G MUDMASTER series comes with a dust-resistant feature. Equipped with a mud / dust resistance and a water resistance depth of up to 200 meters, this beast is a must-have G Shock watch that ensures that nothing gets inside, no matter how misused and hard. This clock comes with dynamic dialing with 3 subdials and analog hands pointing to Arabic numerals and adhesive symbols for easy reading. There are 4 active buttons that can be easily controlled with a timeline on the right. Made of resin thread protected by buckle clasp and resin case, this watch is a great option for men looking for the best watch for less than 15000 rs. Dialing is protected by a mineral glass that protects your dial from any type of damage.

The functions of this model include a digital compass with north hand signal, thermometer, LED rear light (with auto light switch, optional length, afterglow), Flash warning, low battery warning, 5 daily alarms, world time, 1/10 clock, hourly clock, 12/24 hour format, full default calendar, turn on / off button function. It comes with a water-resistant feature with a depth of 200 m.


2- Titan NeoAnalog Champagne Dial Men’s Watch 1766SL01

Best Watches Brands For Men

The second watch brand in our list of Best Watches Brands For Men is TITAN. This analog clock comes with an attractive design that can speak to a person’s style statement. The 1766SL01 model comes with a high-quality design with 3 small dials with a stopwatch, day-to-day operations. The brightly colored hands with a silver rod seal ensure easy learning over time. Dialing is protected by a mineral glass that comes with a scratch-resistant element and a water resistance depth of 50 m. Made of leather strap with a brown color protected by a buckle clasp and a brass box, this is certainly a choice that can be recommended. The active buttons and the timing crown are placed on the right.


3- Fossil Grant Chronograph Analog Black Dial Men’s Watch – FS4832

Best Watches Brands For Men

Fossil FS4832 comes with a nice dial with a vintage design guaranteed to turn your heads! It has chronograph subdials with a stop function that can be used on the right-hand buttons. Non-white hands and sticky marks ensure easy reading time. Made of stainless steel wire protected with a 3-touch system and a stainless steel case, this model is the most recommended form of formal wear. The band comes in the form of two tones with a comforting side length of 44 mm that definitely gives a happy feeling to your wrist. Protected by mineral glass, the dial is resistant to scratches and has a water resistance depth of 50 m with a guarantee of 2 years.


4- AJO V8 Sports Smartwatch Bluetooth 4.0

Best Watches Brands For Men

1.Smart Watch allows you to take a step forward in technology, whether you are a tech geek or a sports addict.

2. This reliable and flexible easy-to-use gadget helps you to organize your daily activities and achieve your full potential. A unisex watch is a wrist-wearing assistant.

3. With this smartwatch on your wrist, you can find and make calls, manage text messages and send them to your friends or coworkers, call a taxi, browse multiple apps, and track your activity – all without the need to remove your smartphone.

4.In addition with its help you can send your messages to your friends or your heart beats to your significant other with a tap, in case they have a smartwatch. In the same way, the unique Taptic Engine is designed to give you sensitive and completely customized issues when you receive a notification.

5. With up to 230mAh of battery life, the smartwatch is always available when you need it in the middle of your daily routine. In addition, this unisex watch helps you to exercise and work with a different style.Note: Customer must insert a MicroSD card before logging in.


5- Casio G-Shock Analog-Digital Black Dial Men’s Watch – GBA-400-1A9DR

Best Watches Brands For Men

Check out the newly designed G’MIX music watch from Casio. This model has smart technology that connects to your smartphone with Bluetooth function and allows you to control various features of the phone. For those who can’t stay away from music, this model can help you stay connected to music anywhere, anytime. Do you see the yellow arrow keys for the third hour ? Yes, they are used as control functions to adjust the volume, change the song or change the sound quality with the help of the balancing function. You can search for a song title with the help of a rotating rotation function. A subdial designed at 9 o clock tells you the connection status between the clock and your phone.

Made of resin thread with buckle clasp and resin case, this watch is ideal for men looking for the best under 15000 watches. Functions of this model include LED backlight (with auto light switch, duration of illumination, next light), Flash Alert, hand switch feature, mobile connection, airplane mode, 5 daily alarms, earth time, 1 / 100 stopwatch, hourly signal, low battery signal, vibrator, full automatic calendar, ringtone function on / off. It comes with a water-resistant feature with a depth of 200 m.



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