5 Best Pulse Oximeter In India That You Can Buy In 2021

There are many of us who don’t know what is Oximeter before the COVID-19 so it must be hard to know Which Oximeter Is Best isn’t it?

So to find it we need to understand What is a Pulse Oximeter?

Best Pulse Oximeter In IndiaBest Pulse Oximeter In India

A Pulse Oximeter is a small device that is designed in such a way to measure the oxygen concentration in your blood and the heart rate as well with greater accuracy.

As these factors are essential for analysing our health so it makes it necessary to get Best Pulse Oximeter for us.

This device shows how much your lungs are efficient in extracting the oxygen from the air you breathe in.

Now let us understand How To Use A Pulse Oximeter?

It can be easily understood by considering the Oximeter as a clip with inbuilt sensors and a analog display.

Best Pulse Oximeter In IndiaBest Pulse Oximeter In India

Inside the clip there are emitter and sensors on both the end. The work of emitter is to send out the light beam of specific wavelength that penetrate into your skin through nails, passes through our blood stream and are detected by the sensor on the other end.

The wavelength and frequency of beam of light reached to the sensor are converted into heartbeat and oxygen level concentration in your blood.

I hope you are now familiar with How To Use Oximeter At Home.

So do read further and find out some best SpO2 Monitor In India And Best Oximeter In India.

Best Pulse Oximeter In India For Home Use

1.BPL Smart Oxy Finger Tip Pulse Oximeter

Best Pulse Oximeter In IndiaBest Pulse Oximeter In India

The BPL Smart Oxy Finger Pulse Oximeter is a quick and accurate way to check pulse rates and blood oxygen concentration levels. Self-adjusting finger clamp allows easy operation with a simple one-button design. The small size makes it easy to handle and carry. It is one of the Best Pulse Oximeter In India.

Key Features

Very accurate – Measures blood oxygen concentration with a minimum deviation of +/- 2% and a pulse rate with a minimum deviation of +/- 2 ppm.

Color OLED Display: Four-way color OLED display provides a clear view of SpO2, PR and perfusion codes or index.

Alarm signal: In case of reading high / low calibration, visual and audible alarm signal alerts the user.

Medical alert function: Display of user’s alert and audible alarm signal in case of high / low calibration reading.

Small design: lightweight and compact, suitable for wide finger size.

Low power consumption: Equipped with two AAA batteries, the oximeter turns off automatically when not in use and provides a continuous battery life of 20 hours.

[Best Pulse Oximeter In India]


Its built design and compactness makes it user friendly with configurable alarm.

Its perfusion index indicates you in case of irregular heartbeats.

Its display type makes it visual clear and convenient in use.


The cost of this product is pretty high.

The build quality is average though.


2.Dr Trust Professional Series Finger Tip Pulse Oximeter

Best Pulse Oximeter In IndiaBest Pulse Oximeter In India

Dr. Trust Professional Pulse Rate Series & Alarm: The newly upgraded Dr. Trust Finger Pulse is an inexpensive and this oximeter is the accurate way to check the pulse rate and blood oxygen concentration level. The simple one-button design allows easy operation. The small size makes it easy to handle and carry. This allows athletes and pilots to obtain fast and accurate oxygen concentration measurements. It is the best pulse oximeter for medical professionals. The product is water resistant and has an audio display alarm.

Key Features

Accurate, fast and reliable measurement: Dr. Trust Professional Series Fingerprint Pulse Oximeter determines the blood oxygen concentration level (SpO2), perforation code, respiration rate, pulse rate, and pulse bar map or graph correctly.

Water resistance : It is designed to withstand accidental water. Increasing water depth will make the product useless. Note that it is water resistant and not water proof.

Multi-directional OLED screen display: The bright multi-directional OLED display is very advanced and quite large which allows readings even in dark rooms. Adults(elder) can also read easily large font readings.

Alarm + other settings: It is the perfect health companion with adjustable brightness, visibility and other parameter settings. It also has alarm systems to turn the sound on and off as per the user’s wish.

Box: Package contents include 1 x finger oximeter, battery, A lanyard and user manual.

[Best Pulse Oximeter In India]


Its built design and compactness makes its easy to use and handle.

The readings or measurements are accurate and you can rely on it.

It is resistant to water.

It lets you know if there is anything irregularity through its buzzing alarm.


Did not find any cons in this product.


3.Newnik Fingertip Pulse Oximeter

Best Pulse Oximeter In IndiaBest Pulse Oximeter In India

The Newnik Fingertip Pulse Oximeter (PX701) is an excellent example of high quality products offered by the brand. The product is designed to provide an inexpensive but accurate method of examining blood oxygen concentration levels and pulse rates. All you need is a few seconds and you can watch these levels anytime, anywhere. It is now easier to measure your pulse rate and oxygen levels in the body. Product is FDA, CE reliable, accurate with 1 year warranty.

Key Features

Typical features: Auto power on and off, water resistant, buzzer-visual alarm, dual color LED display. Four directional display, low battery signal.

Fast, accurate and easy to use: The redesigned monitor provides instant readings of blood oxygen concentration (SpO2), pulse rate (PR) and pulse strength (PI), and displays them on a large OLED screen. The wavelength view clearly shows the contradiction. Rotate the display in four directions – take your measurements easily.

Prepared out of the box: 2AAA batteries, lanyard, instruction manual, verified quality certificate included.

Tested separately for accuracy: Each device is subjected to rigorous testing and allowed to use a 1-year warranty by the FDA and CE.

Country of Origin: India.

[Best Pulse Oximeter In India]


The auto on/off feature while you using it or not.

Plethysmograph waveform.

Certified and approved by FDA.

You can rotate the screen in 4 direction for easy reading.


The only problem I found is some issue with the battery life of the product.


4.Choicemmed MD300C2D Pulse Oximeter

Best Pulse Oximeter In IndiaBest Pulse Oximeter In India

Choicemmed  India are committed to provide reliable and intelligent pulse oximeter products to help you meet the full range of oximeter monitoring requirements. Innovative non-invasive technology for instantaneous oxygen levels, medical services and home support , Meets the requests for precision and accuracy for all users, efficient performance, variety durable and easy to use, energy saving design provides safe and reliable support. It is one of the Best Pulse Oximeter In India.

Key Features

Finger tip pulse oximeter is made by Choicemmed.

High accuracy in measuring oxygen level and pulse summary.

Come up with algorithm facilities, battery operated, small and portable.

Easy and handy device if anyone in your home is suffering from oxygenation problem.

One year replacement warranty.

[Best Pulse Oximeter In India]


The measurements are done quickly and and accurate.

Its Compact Design makes it portable in use.

The auto power off feature helps you in saving the power while you are not using it.

It is a value for money product.


Sometimes there are some issues with the display of this product.


5.Hesley Pulse Oximeter

Best Pulse Oximeter In IndiaBest Pulse Oximeter In India

The Hesley Finger Pulse Oximeter is the perfect choice for on spot SPO2 and pulse rate testing. The unit is lightweight and small in size which means it is easy to carry in your pocket. The pulse oximeter will turn off automatically when a finger is removed for more than 5 seconds. The LED display is visible even at low ambient light levels.

Key Features

Accurate and reliable : Advanced technology approved and FDA and CE approved, this pulse oximeter can accurately determine your SpO2 and pulse rate within 5 seconds and measurements are made within 30 seconds. The error in both SpO2 and pulse rate was ±2% without exercise and ±3% after the game.

Bright OLED Multi-Direction Display :  Large and spherical multidirectional display allows you to easily see your results in any direction, making it very convenient to test different fingers.

Easy Option : The one-button functional design makes our oxygen concentration monitor simple and convenient to use. Put one of your fingers under the photoelectric fingertip sensor and then an exact result will be clearly displayed.

Low power integration : Equipped with two AAA batteries, this oximeter turns off automatically when not in use and provides 24 hours of continuous battery life. Short and light.

Suitable for anyone interested in measuring their SpO2 and pulse rate at home, fitness or training-sports and health enthusiasts or climbers, skaters, bikers.

[Best Pulse Oximeter In India]


The build quality of this product is of top notch.

It is light in weight which makes it more portable.

It has an anti allergic finger chamber that is quite impressive.

You can read storable memory.


Sometimes there is few issues with its accuracy.

This is among the Best Oximeter Brand In India.



All the informations mentioned above about Best Oximeter In India are done with a deep research so you can  rely on it and can put it up for consideration during the time of purchasing.

And you also got some more information like How To Use Oximeter and Best Oximeter In India.

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