AVARO Releases Two New Robot Vacuums With AI Technology

GADGETsMART AVARO has launched the latest smart devices which include the AVARO X1 and AVARO Laser which both can help clean the house easily.

Based on a written statement received by the Gadgetren team, Gunadi as Sales Manager of AVARO said that the AVARO X1 and AVARO Laser have optimal room cleaning capabilities.

Both are capable of cleaning floors with low noise, sensitive 360-degree sensors, and can be controlled via a smartphone remotely. The Intelligent Recharge feature from AVARO allows this robotic vacuum to return to the docking station for charging automatically,” he said.

AVARO Releases Two New Robot Vacuums With AI Technology

AVARO X1 is equipped with 24 sensors, while AVARO Laser supports 23 sensors that function to map the house in real time so that it can clean every corner of the room. The sensor is also supported by Artificial Intelligence (AI) with the IPNAS 3.0 system.

The sensor is divided into two types, including a laser sensor that will scan and identify the placement of objects in the house, while the cliff sensor is able to recognize the angle of the stairs so that the sucking robot cannot crash when there are hard objects in the vicinity.

Both AVARO X1 and AVARO Laser can not only suck up dust and dirt on the floor, but can also mop the floor of the house. Even both of them can be used simultaneously for sweeping and mopping.

For more optimal cleanliness, AVARO X1 is also supported by its ultra violet light feature which is believed to be able to kill bacteria and viruses that stick to the floor. Regarding the battery, the AVARO X1 has a large capacity battery of up to 5,200mAh which is claimed to be able to be used for 200 minutes, while the AVARO Laser only has a capacity of 3,000mAh.

AVARO Laser is capable of sucking dust and dirt with a maximum power of 1800pA. When the batteries of these two suction robots run low, they will automatically charge to the charging dock and continue cleaning again until complete.

Not to forget, both can be operated remotely from the application on your cellphone when you’re not at home thanks to the support of the WiFi network so you can keep a cleaning schedule.

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