Apple To Launch 2023 iPhone Models With Periscope Telephoto Lens

The Apple iPhone model in 2023 will include a “Periscope telephoto lens”, a research note shared by DF Securities researcher Ming-chi kuo. Major Android smartp.hone manufacturers, including Huawei and Samsung, are already offering periscope-shaped lenses on their flagship.

Apple To Launch 2023 iPhone Models

However, Apple has not yet accepted that development for its iPhone lineup. Some previous reports also suggest that the company is interested in bringing in new iPhone models with periscope lenses. The development of periscope-shaped lenses allows for better zoom without increasing the camera pump.

Apple To Launch 2023 iPhone Models

According to Macrumors in a new note shared by Ming-Seo Guo, Apple talks of moving towards periscope lens technology for the 2023 iPhone lineup. However, the analyst speculated that by 2022 the Cupertino-based company could move to the iPhone model with a periscope lens. At the time, he mentioned that Apple could partner with Sunny Optical of China for South Korean Semco and Periscope development Lens.

Apple To Launch 2023 iPhone Models : Zoom in out lenses also available

Apple To Launch 2023 iPhone Models

Companies like Huawei, Oppo and Samsung provide hybrid zoom on their smartphones using periscope lenses. The Samsung  Galaxy S20 Ultra and Galaxy S21 Ultra also provide 100x space zoom technology.

Apple To Launch 2023 iPhone Models

In addition to the 2023 iPhone model, it is worth noting that kuo’s latest reference considers some speculation about the 2021 and 2022 iPhone series. He predicted that Apple would use the new Face ID transmitter for the 2021 iPhone model, which would have a plastic material instead of glass. This is possible thanks to advanced coating technologies that no one introduced to Face ID in 2017 for the first time. Whether this can be translated as the final consumer remains to be determined.


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