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5 Best Gaming Mouse Under 1000 Ever5 Best Gaming Mouse Under 1000 Ever

Today we are here to find the 5 best gaming mouse under the price of 1000 rupees.All the gaming mouse mentioned below are designed to provide a better rate of response, sensitivity and of course key binds.

Best Gaming Mouse Budget

1.Redgear A 20(redgear a20 gaming mouse)

Redgear A 205 Best Gaming Mouse Under 1000 Ever

Redgear A-20 comes up with 7 programmable buttons and offers the maximum personalization with its software.It has easy control dpi of up to 4500 and preference RGB lighting as per your setup requirements.It is designed as ergonomically for all grip style.It gives you the permission to change the dpi settings,RGB and keybinds as per your need.

Key Features

Gaming grade sensor for fast movements and reflexes.

7 program buttons for binding and easy access

16.8 million color customization options via software

Convert up to 4800 with fly DPI

1.8 m braided cable and rigid build quality to extend mouse life

Creating additional durable switches and quality to maximize mouse life

Warranty: – 1 year warranty is given only against manufacturing defects

Redgear A 205 Best Gaming Mouse Under 1000 Ever

What’s best

1.8 meter long cable is enough for long connections

Top build quality and one year warranty on the product

Customisable RGB lighting

Easily control on sensitivity as you can easily change the dpi.

What’s worst

What I found that the mouse is quite heavy in weight as compare to the other ones.I know many gamers does not bother it much more but I found I negative feature for me.


2.Dragonwar ELE-G9(dragonwar ele-g9 gaming mouse)

dragonwar ele-g95 Best Gaming Mouse Under 1000 Ever

The Dragonwar has an ergonomical design which alllows it to be suitable on any surface and provides a better grip.It is designed in such a way that it could easily survive intense gaming session.It is strongly built and durable.It has a fancy sporty LED lights.The mouse has 8 programmable buttons that are smooth are provides no latency when they are pressed.A long cable of 1.8 meters with a gold plated usb is also provided for long connections.

Key Features

Lightweight gaming mouse for quick motion during your gaming session

800/1600/2400/3200 in fly DPI conversion

Creating additional durable switches and quality to maximize mouse life

Designed for all types of grips and all types of games.

Drive optimization

Warranty: – Only 1 year warranty is given against manufacturing defects and not subject to physical damage.

dragonwar ele-g95 Best Gaming Mouse Under 1000 Ever

What’s best

Easy control over your sensitivity by customising the DPI from 800 to 3200

Beautiful RGB Lighting

3 additional buttons for customisation

Get a warranty of 1 year on the product

What’s worst

Whta I think is that the product needed to be more durable as the durability of product was lacking somewhere while use.


3.Dragonwar Emera ELE-G11(dragonwar ele g11 gaming mouse)

dragonwar ele g115 Best Gaming Mouse Under 1000 Ever

The Mouse will definitely provide you the prowess in your gaming as well as the Muse responds accurately according to your hands movement.The mouse comes up with 6 programmable buttons that let you achieve the right moves according to you in the games.You can easily use the mouse for hours without out feeling any pain in your hands and finger due to its ergonomical Design.It has Special feature knows as pin point tracking precision that let you isolate the target with a lase beam during the game.You can easily customise the settings according to your need and can pe placed at any surface.

Key Features

Gaming mouse with 6 control buttons

Resolution: 800/1200/2000/3200 DPI

Ergonomic design for the professional players

Gold plated USB connector

Mouse cable length 1.8 m (with braided fiber cable)

Compatible with Windows XP and above

Interface: USB

dragonwar ele g115 Best Gaming Mouse Under 1000 Ever

What’s best

You are getting two additional programmable buttons

1.8 meter of long braided fibre cable for long connections

Control over your sensitivity by customising you DPI from  800 to 3200

Get a 1 year warranty on your product

What’s worst

Being a left hand gamer I found its ergonomic design is not suitable for a left hander gamer but if you are right hand gamer then it doesn’t matter for you guys.As the laser senson is present at the bottom of the mouse there is need of regular cleaning and you also could not find on which DPI you are playing as there is software facility for it.


4.ZEBRONICS Alien PRO(zebronics alien pro gaming mouse)

zebronics alien pro5 Best Gaming Mouse Under 1000 Ever

The alien pro comes up with a long braided fibre usb cable that allows you to get max Output from the product.It also comes up with a ergonomic design that helps gamer to go beyond there limits.It has 6 programmable buttons on the left and right side of the mouse.You can change your DPI from 600 to 2400 with the help of dpi buttom present on the mouse so you could get a smooth gaming experience.

Key Features

Has a ergonomic design

Has a high rate of polling

Has high resolution gaming grade sensor

Durable and long braided cable

zebronics alien pro5 Best Gaming Mouse Under 1000 Ever

What’s best

Quite fascinating desing

Quality is up to mark

It is very durable in use

Smart energy saving

The RGB Lighting looks great

What’s worst

What I have found is that the size of the mouse Is quite bigger.


5.MFTEK Tag 3 (mftek tag 3 gaming mouse)

mftek tag 35 Best Gaming Mouse Under 1000 Ever

The mouse surface has been treated for anti-slip condition so you can easily place it on any surface and use it for longer gaming session without any problem.If you guys are looking for a mouse that has a cool looks then it it perfect for you.Its ergonomic design fits your hand easily and provide you a comfortable gaming experience.

Key features

In a world representing everything in milliseconds, we have built the mftek mouse into a competitive gaming mouse, the MFTEK does its job in micro seconds

The mouse surface is treated with a special anti-slip and anti-sweat system for better grip and comfort for extra long gaming sessions.

Supports 800-dpi blue, 1200-dpi violet, 1600-dpi red, 2000-dpi pink and 6 key macro layouts

This mouse is ergonomically designed and fits perfectly in your hand, preventing unnecessary pressure on your hand to enable comfortable grip and enjoyable use even during your long games.

mftek tag 35 Best Gaming Mouse Under 1000 Ever

What’s best

Even in humid conditions it provides you a better grip over it

Has a great look and design

Smoothen surfing

Has 4 lighting effects and 4 dpi variant

What’s worst

It’s is a bit heavier in weight but it does not bother you more it you likr using heavy mouse for your gaming.


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